April 25, 2013

Notes on the nirguṇa / saguṇa paradox, by way of homage to Aghori Babarazzi

Aghori's masala of cruel empathy flavours the absurd task of making us naked and strange to ourselves, forcing us to wriggle, shift, and grow in the glare of our own contradictions. It’s a dirty, dirty job, but somebody – I mean nobody – I mean somebody who’s made himself a nobody pretending to be everybody – has to do it.
March 7, 2012

Grounding Anusara 3: intimacy, methods, therapy, and making it open-source

1. In yoga it is obvious that economies of scale obstruct relationship. Go big or go home? I’ll go home, thank you very much. Let’s think smaller. 2. Transglobal corporations need definable and saleable products. A Yoga Method with “Universal Principles” works well for its marketing, as we have seen. But a product is not therapy.