February 9, 2014

Creating the Soul

What does our current knowledge of the nervous system itself tell us about the origin of this felt, inmost being? If the soul is a priori to the growth of the flesh, wouldn’t this suggest that the nervous system arises first in our embryology, and governs future growth? But it doesn’t. In fact, the development of the central nervous system proceeds along an arc that seems quite opposite to the spiritual birth-narrative.
January 6, 2014

What Are We Actually Doing in Asana? (introducing the WAWADIA project)

The postural influence of Hatha yoga, once used for a kind of physical self-destruction to release an immortal, post-human self, remains embedded within a contemporary movement practice that promises opposite goals. Very few of us – at least consciously, and there’s the rub – pursue modern postural yoga in order to break ourselves down. The essence of the therapeutic drive is recuperative and tonic. But do we really know that asana meets this need, given its history?