March 25, 2014

From Rejection/Assertion to Rejection/Possibility: Remixing Śaṅkara at 30K feet

Śaṅkara's tender age and what I at least hear as the naïveté of his poem got me thinking about the difference between the adolescent rhythm of rejection/assertion, versus what comes with a little more life experience. And what comes, transhistorically, with the refinement of the sciences.
March 17, 2014

“Vedic” Astrology: A Strange and Lovely Art from Time Gone By, Rife with Tender Bullshit Today

I’ll try to do two things in this article. First, to nail down the hard facts about astrology and how it confounds the intelligence of contemporary yoga -- which seems to be the only global subculture at present that tolerates it as a kind of adjunct discipline. Then I'll turn to my personal experience of this archaic art, to help illustrate its seduction, and why it's dying so hard.
February 15, 2014

Update #2: What Are We Actually Doing in Asana? \\\ Questions, questions, questions!

About a month and two dozen interviews into this research project and I can honestly say I’ve learned more about how folks experience yoga than I have over the past eleven years of teaching. The stories of pain, injury, recovery, and wisdom keep rolling, each unraveling unique twists of psychology along with the tweaks of tissue.