October 22, 2014

WAWADIA Update #17 /// Question: Is Injury-Free Yoga Possible?

I acknowledge that a completely injury-free yoga is not a reasonable goal. Nor a desirable one, perhaps. Firstly, it’s impossible: all things tend towards entropy. Secondly, people who crave growth will at times overstep their means and even ignore their wits as they leap in fear and faith towards a fantasized future self.
October 15, 2014

WAWADIA Update #16: Two Ways of Blocking the Yoga Injury Conversation

Illness or injury or depression are often framed as personal ethical failures -- not signs that a system needs rebalancing. When yoga culture has a redirect-and-blame response to a personal injury story rooted in that very culture, it is mimicking the general decay of the notion of collective responsibility, offering nothing but “buyer beware” logic in consolation.