June 25, 2011

the speaking therapy, bookless cooking, and a book

How many of the essential things you know did you learn outside of book-learning? Most of them. What would it be like to relearn your book-learning as an illiterate in the field? How much closer can you get to your life?
May 15, 2011

the creative posture in yoga (beach, shells, fascination)

The child is feeling her neurology blossom. The infinity of shells intimates infinite systems. Attraction that flows over a sequence of particulars is the beginning of pattern recognition. Things repeat, things vary, things disappear, things return.
April 15, 2011

an ayurvedic view of cancer

In the face of the most difficult etiology, cancer, Ayurveda offers 4 overlapping modes of reflection and support: the descriptive, the preventative, the purificatory, and the palliative.