December 1, 2013

Mindfulness for Fathers: Five Difficult Feelings We Can Learn to Love

Parenting is painted through with great strokes of perfectly natural sorrow. You can only pretend to fight it. Much better to look at it carefully, to see its colours clearly, feel its textures. What else could be at the root of empathy and compassion? What else would give you the gravitas you’ll need to be a person of consequence in later life? What else would you even aspire to? Our strange luck is that there are at least five inevitable sorrows that soften us as fathers, even as they strengthen us. Their lessons extrapolate well to the rest of life.
November 26, 2013

Mindfulness for Fathers: Giving Your Child Secret Space

Jacob is exploring a new kind of space, and it’s different from the space of revealing his fascinations in dialogue with his parents. He’s entranced, listening to his own impressions and perhaps fantasies, slowly progressing towards an internal verbal tapestry that no other person will ever fully hear.