May 15, 2011

the creative posture in yoga (beach, shells, fascination)

The child is feeling her neurology blossom. The infinity of shells intimates infinite systems. Attraction that flows over a sequence of particulars is the beginning of pattern recognition. Things repeat, things vary, things disappear, things return.
April 15, 2011

an ayurvedic view of cancer

In the face of the most difficult etiology, cancer, Ayurveda offers 4 overlapping modes of reflection and support: the descriptive, the preventative, the purificatory, and the palliative.
March 18, 2011

homo accipiens

To what extent can the sensation of your breath alone evoke the same wonderment and fascinating absorption that you felt when your mother told you your first story? To what extent can what seems to be absolutely familiar regain its status as the unknown?