This site hosts over 200 original posts on current affairs in modern global yoga and Buddhist culture. I specialize in investigating and analyzing stories and contexts of physical, emotional, and moral injury in dharma communities. As the survivor of two dharma-related high-demand groups, I work hard to understand what happened to me, and how it’s similar to and different from the experiences of others. My aim is to popularize the use of interdisciplinary tools — from cult psychology and critical theory, for instance — towards the creation of safer practice spaces. For the next two years, I will continue to be the sole earner for a family of four, while my partner completes her training to become a licensed psychotherapist. I do make ends meet from writing-related employment, but the vast majority of my work is unpaid, and things are at times precarious. Some of these posts are here because they were turned down by paying yoga and Buddhism publications for being too critical or controversial. If you feel this work is helpful in a way that you would like to support, good wishes and contributions are deeply appreciated. (8/10/2018)