WAWADIA update #12: How Many of Us Are Injured By Chasing a Fading Pleasure?



Another short update, and a request:

In research for the WAWADIA project so far, a key distinction has emerged.

On one hand, there are acute injuries that occur in the early days of practice, correlated with (if not caused by) a combination of inappropriate instruction, disorganized studio protocols, and lack of previous exercise/embodiment experience on the part of the student. These injuries might be relatively easy to mitigate, if we get clearer on regulatory standards. But this is a thorny issue.

On the other hand, I’ve collected a lot of stories on more chronic injuries that emerge within 3-5 years of the typical practice career. Healing from these injuries can be complicated by the fact that the practitioner is often strongly emotionally invested in practice at this point, and they struggle to imagine themselves changing or altering paths. Their injuries reflect their practice in a strange way: both record repetition, and stress. Continue reading “WAWADIA update #12: How Many of Us Are Injured By Chasing a Fading Pleasure?”