filling the gap: beginning to transform grief

On 11/19, Octopus Garden hosted a fundraising event for the family of Jenna Morrison: an asana class accompanied by music. It was attended by about 60 people and raised over $1600 for Lucas and Florian. I was asked to deliver a few remarks before we started. I spoke about holding space for the grieving, the economy of giving voice to grief, the implicit exchange of caregiving, and the moment in which grief might begin to elide into action, and how this can happen. Here are my notes, slightly expanded.


When there is grief, some of us are called upon to hold space. And the grieving person dissolves into that space. There is a delayed exchange going on. Because with time the grieving person will recover, and then be able to hold space for you when you grieve. Continue reading “filling the gap: beginning to transform grief”

elegy for jenna morrison: yoga community leader

On November 7th, my dear friend and colleague Jenna Katherine Morrison was killed in a bicycle accident close to her home. She is survived by her dear husband Florian, and Lucas, her little man.

Her sudden absence has provoked a flood of grief, togetherness, and resolve. Outcries and accolades have rung out through our city, joining those that she had joined through her relentless outreach and hopefulness. Yesterday morning I rode with close to 1000 cyclists in procession to the accident site to install a “ghost bike”, painted white, at the impromptu shrine that as blossomed at that corner. We rode silently, except for occasional outbursts of bell-ringing. Continue reading “elegy for jenna morrison: yoga community leader”