My Defamation Lawsuit Against Genny Wilkinson Priest

A recent opinion piece on Medium describes a defamation lawsuit I filed against Genny Wilkinson Priest in the spring of 2019. At first, the Medium article linked to PDFs of the Statement of Claim and Priest’s Statement of Defense. Presently the links are broken, so now people can’t read it for themselves.


This opinion piece has now generated misinformed comments about the suit throughout social media based on inaccurate presumptions as to the seriousness of or motivations behind my Claim. Therefore, I’m posting the filing here so that the substance of and reasoning for the suit, which I fully stand behind, is clear. I did not choose to make this story public. I am now trying to give people the opportunity to see the actual legal filing at issue, as opposed to a third-party opinion.


The one personal note I will offer is that I am open to and appreciative of criticism of my work. This is the first time, in a long career largely spent asking difficult questions about our institutions, that I have ever taken legal action against anyone. I initiated this action because, as the filing argues, the defamation was harmful not only to myself, but to the credibility of the testimony I was reporting, and by extension of those who testified to me.


I won’t comment further at this time, as the suit is still in process.