I book one-hour consultations, in person and via Skype, and they can serve many purposes. A brief overview-type consult can contextualize and illuminate key psychosomatic issues and their possible treatment arcs within the framework of a client’s unique constitution.

Issue-driven consults focus more intently on clearly presenting issues, from low immunity to hyperacidity to emotional imbalance.

Issue-driven consults often invite three or four follow-up appointments to establish, monitor, alter, and assess the suggested balancing techniques: dietary changes, herbal support, changes in daily routine, relationship discernment and support, sleep balancing, nurturance of libido, and deeper psychodynamic engagement.

For those who wish to receive formal written notes and a written protocol, two visits are useful, approximately one week apart.

Initial consults are often discovery sessions, during which I gather data about the client’s physicality, life experience and general context. Sometimes, this is the first time that the client has been asked to consider their entire story at once. After getting over the immediate strangeness of speaking about digestion and emotions in the same sentence, many are gratified to begin to see connections between physical concerns and other relational patterns.

Writing down what I see and suggest has pros and cons. On the one hand it gives substance to the recommendations, encouraging clarity and accountability. On the other hand, it is very easy for the client to fixate on written details in a disempowering way. When I give notes it is also my responsibility to activate the client’s own tools for interpreting them, and to attach a firm expiry date to them, so that the client knows that she is responsible for the continuing process of self-awareness.

I have met with over a thousand clients, and facilitated an ayurvedic approach to exploring and addressing everything from infertility to anxiety, parasites to depression, and arthritis to anger. I have worked with couples and families, and some children.

I also meet with some clients on a weekly basis to hold space for the exploration of longer-term tensions. Ayurvedic psychology mines latent struggles through conversation, but always remembers their constitutional context and physical doorways.

At least 2 days before an initial meeting, I ask each client to send me a short blurb including:

  • Relevant health history
  • Pressing concerns
  • A 3-day journal (bridging weekdays and weekend) of food intake and waking/working/sleeping hours

Schedule an Appointment The hourly fee is $100 plus HST. The rate for the 2-visit consultation with notes is $250 plus HST. It is my practice to negotiate reduced fees when appropriate.

Please email to request an appointment time.

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