WAWADIA: Injury, Touch, Abuse & Trauma in Modern Yoga

In many yoga spaces, teachers and students share the expectation that adjustments are a standard part of practice. But this aspect of modern yoga is marred by an uncomfortable history. At the dawn of the global movement in 1930s India, adjustments in key learning spaces such as the Mysore Palace merged with the somatics of corporal punishment. They conveyed assumptions about spiritualized pain and surrender, delivered through a pedagogy of unquestioned charisma and presumed consent. In combination, these factors have led to decades of blurred boundaries, sexualized touch, and general intrusion. If you’re a yoga teacher and you want to adjust people, this presentation will help you get square with this history first. It will help you think about how you will protect your students from it, especially in an unregulated industry. It will offer guidelines for moving forward in the creation of safe and student-driven yoga education.

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Family Wakes Us Up Interview with Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal

“Walk the Talk” show on 11/25/13.

Family Wakes Us Up: Letter #2 read by Matthew Remski

“Windows, And What We Leave Behind”. Filmed at 889 Yoga on 11/23/13.

Family Wakes Us Up IGG campaign outtakes!

Sweetness from our campaign producer, Ian MacKenzie.

Family Wakes Us Up IGG campaign

Video from the fundraising campaign my book with Michael Stone on the spirituality of fatherhood.

On the Future of Yoga Festival Toronto

Matthew Remski speaks about the future of Yoga Festival Toronto and the Toronto yoga community.

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Speaking on Proposed Closing of Riverdale Farm

7/21/2011 Speaking at city hall on the proposed closing of Riverdale Farm, a cultural and ecological oasis.

Speaking about Proposed Cuts to Toronto’s Public Libraries

7/28/2011 Speaking at city hall on proposed cuts to Toronto’s public libraries, places of social introspection.

Threads of Yoga: Reading and Interview

In October of 2012, I published Threads of Yoga: a remix of Patanjali’s sutras with commentary and reverie. The book re-translates, engages, praises, and questions the ancient text through the lenses of contemporary thought.

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Threads of Yoga: Indiegogo Pitch Video